Disaster Preparedness

When a disaster strikes, it can change or end lives in minutes. The more we can do to prepare ahead of time, the more likely we are to survive and recover quickly.

For many remote communities, emergency services are far away. Families could be on their own for hours or days after a disaster. With our help, people are establishing warning systems and communications channels. They are building roads and bridges to evacuate injured neighbors and bring in supplies. And they are setting meeting points and making plans to check on especially vulnerable neighbors.

Oftentimes, people are unaware that they might be vulnerable to a natural disaster. Through disaster risk reduction workshops and resources, we are helping families be prepared for an emergency while understanding how a disaster could impact their community. Through knowledge, communities are not only more prepared in the event of a disaster but know where and how to seek support.

As disasters become more and more common, it is how we prepare for them that saves lives and helps us protect the safe places we call home.

Educational Video Series

The following series of bilingual videos was produced in collaboration between CWS, The Episcopal Farmworker Ministry, and NC State Extension in an effort to assist organizations and programs with an educational tool to promote dialogue and engagement on disaster and emergency preparedness.

They are free to use and share as an educational tool for any programs, agencies, educators, and community leaders. Example uses include organizing events to show the videos, follow up with group discussion, and end with action ideas, sharing across your organization's newsletters, websites, and social media, and playing in waiting rooms.

These videos may be adopted and/or adapted, shared and reposted so long as the original branding, resources, and content is not modified. You can also find the videos on YouTube here.

Note: To save a video to your computer, right-click on the video once it is playing and select the save or save as option (or similar).

 Intro | English Narration

Intro | Spanish Narration

Disaster and Emergency alerts / alertas de desastre naturales o emergencias

Family Planning / Plan Familiar

Staying Informed / Importancia de mantenernos informados

Family Emergency Kit/ Kit de Emergencia familiar

Financial Emergency Kit / Kit de Emergencia Financiera