Photo: StARS

Egypt is home to hundreds of thousands of refugees. Most have fled from unrest and conflicts in countries including Syria, Sudan, Eritrea, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Somalia. A growing number of these new arrivals are children who are alone, without their families.

Through our partner St. Andrew's Refugee Services–known as StARS–CWS provides a range of support for refugees in Cairo. We focus on addressing both immediate and longer-term needs. Programs include educational, legal, medical, vocational and counseling services. For people with emergency needs, we provide help such as rent assistance and food boxes.

StARS is unique among refugee service organizations because over 85% of the staff are refugees. When a client sits down with a staff member, they are most likely talking to a fellow refugee. The staff can understand their client's needs and perspectives better than almost anyone else.

We are proud to stand with our refugee neighbors in Cairo as they start the next chapter in their lives.