Climate Change

Photo: Shanley Studio

From severe weather events to increased exposure to disease, the world is feeling the impacts of climate change. Its worst consequences fall increasingly on vulnerable communities, those who have contributed the least to the problem.

In countries where CWS works, changing weather patterns, increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, unpredictability of once-stable cultivating and harvesting patterns, damage to ecosystems and decreasing supplies of water have altered the environment in which families live and work. Challenges have escalated, and hard-won development gains have too often been eroded.

We are facing both a need and an opportunity to prepare for a sustainable future. With support from CWS, communities are finding innovative solutions to develop livelihoods, meet their needs and build new, durable infrastructure. Yet, even as we faithfully commit to doing our part, we recognize that these actions alone are not enough—this crisis requires a global response. Countries around the world must commit to an ambitious, equitable and binding global framework to address climate change.