Hire Refugees

Help us meet the needs of Afghans and other refugees who are rebuilding their lives and become a Refugee Employer. 

CWS partners with organizations around the country to offer a variety of programs that support newcomer integration, including employment services that connect clients to job opportunities. CWS relies on employer partners like you to help ensure a smooth transition from new arrival to contributing community member.   

By employing refugees you are building stronger communities and supporting a bright future for new arrivals. Refugee employees are a great addition to any organization. They are resilient, hard working and want to give back to the communities that have welcomed them, which translates to higher retention rates and loyalty. Many also have special skills and language proficiency to contribute from their previous careers.

CWS is a Preferred Implementing Partner with the Tent Partnership for Refugees. Tent’s preferred implementing partners are organizations that are best placed to work with businesses across a number of geographies, to help them implement projects to integrate refugees.