Photo: Shanley Studio

We have worked in Cambodia for over 40 years, teaming up with some of the nation’s poorest families to fight hunger and poverty.

Through CWS programs, families are finding new ways to earn an income. They are raising chickens, growing mushrooms, selling snacks and more. They are forming and joining savings groups, where neighbors pool their resources. Members can get low-interest loans to start or expand businesses. Along the same lines, communities are starting and using rice banks to lend rice to members to plant or when times are tough.

We are supporting families as they adapt to the growing effects of climate change, especially in these times of increasing drought. Families are planting more climate adaptable crops and investing in low cost water- saving community infrastructure.

Water, sanitation and hygiene - known as WASH - are priorities in our programs. We help families and communities build sanitary bathrooms for houses, schools and help communities andto have increased access to clean water year round. We also help share information about good hygiene practices so people can protect their health.

Our goal is to support all Cambodians as they work to end hunger and poverty in their country.