Climate Resilience & Adaptation

The effects of climate change are becoming more and more present every day. As our environment rapidly changes, communities have to adapt quickly to survive. This is especially true for farmers around the world who rely on their understanding of the environment to grow crops.

Smallholder farmers can adapt the way that they farm and use resources to become more climate resilient. They just need the information and resources to do it. That's why CWS focuses on helping communities develop climate-adaptive agriculture. We're working with families and farmers to explore new planting techniques, while prioritizing resource conservation.

In order to understand the true impacts of climate change, we must listen. People affected by climate change are the experts on the challenges and needs they face. They must also be at the center of planning and decision making.

To build a world where there is enough for all, we need to care for all people…including future generations. We also recognize that the climate crisis requires a global, immediate response. All people deserve the opportunity to lead lives of dignity wherever they are.