Photo: Shanley Studio

Families living near the Ayeyarwady River in Myanmar face many daily challenges. Health centers and schools can be far away. Too many children are malnourished, despite their parents’ best efforts. And the river floods each year, submerging roads, crops and clean water systems.

Our team supports families and communities as they address and overcome these challenges. We host gatherings for parents to learn how to make sure their children have a nutritious diet. Then we provide chickens, seeds and gardening tools to families. This enables them to add eggs, chicken and vegetables to their diet or sell them for income.

We also focus on water, sanitation and hygiene. That means building wells and bathrooms that are flood resistant. It also means helping families develop hygiene habits like washing their hands and keeping cooking areas clean.

We are proud to stand with these families as they find sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.