The Kwai River Christian Hospital in western Thailand is the only hospital with a full-time surgeon for 150 miles. It is near the border with Myanmar and serves local Thai families, migrants from Myanmar and refugees living in a nearby camp. Through a partnership with the U.S. government, we are supporting the construction of a new, larger hospital building. Once construction finishes, the dedicated hospital staff will be able to provide even better care to patients.

The refugee camp near the hospital is one of nine along the border where refugees from Myanmar live. Many of the camp's residents have been living there for 20 years or more. Through a partnership with The Border Consortium, we help provide food rations and other services to these families.

Across Thailand, we’re working with The Church of Christ in Thailand to protect Thai children. We helped the church draft a child safeguarding code of conduct. Now, we are helping introduce it in congregations, schools, universities, orphanages and hospitals.