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CWS’ long-term goal is to see that immigrants and refugees are treated equitably, with dignity and respect. Through our network of relationships and resettlement work, we know this goal is achievable. But it can’t be done without real and creative reform, and it can’t be done without building power among refugees.

Now is the time to advocate for that goal. Many factors push people away from their homes, and today we are facing the worst displacement and refugee crisis in global history. There are more than 31 million refugees worldwide, and with emerging humanitarian crises and climate-induced displacement quickly changing the landscape of where people can safely live, this trend is emblematic of the profound need for humanitarian protection. Despite this, we continue to see gaps in investment and education at the nation’s highest levels on how to safely, sustainably, and nimbly respond to forced migration.

Here’s what we’re doing to move people into action, and how you can be in relationship with that movement:

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