Richard L. Santos, President and CEO
Rev. John L. McCullough, President Emeritus

  • Maurice A. Bloem, Chief Sustainability and Impact Officer
    • Rev. Rebekah Belase, Senior Director for Funds Development
      • Matthew Stevens, Director of Congregational Campaigns
      • Larry Conover, Lead Development Officer
      • Eric Baker, Director of Digital Marketing and Technology
    • Mary Catherine Hinds, Senior Director of Fundraising Strategy
  • Erol Kekic, Senior Vice President for Programs
    • Katherine Rehberg, Deputy Vice President for Programs
        • Martin Coria, Regional Director, Latin America and Caribbean
        • Steve Weaver, Regional Director, Europe and Middle East
        • Tom Tauras, Africa Regional Representative
        • Kate Macom, Senior Director of Refugee and Welcome Services
        • Michael McCusker, Senior Director of Migrant and Emergency Services
    • Silvana Faillace, Senior Director
  • Joanne Rendall, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
    • Caris Perdue, Director of Finance
    • Tamara Robinson, Director, Accounting and Compliance
  • Carleen Miller, Vice President, Global Operations and Culture
    • Shereen Santalesa, Senior Director for Global Human Resources
  • Ann Walle, Vice President, Governance & Chief of Staff
    • Mary Elizabeth Margolis, Senior Director of Communications
      • Laura Curkendall, Senior Director of Integrated Communications
      • Christopher Plummer, Director of Media