Press Releases

CWS Begins New Chapter in Refugee Resettlement in Texas, Honoring Current and Future Clients in the Lone Star State

May 17, 2023

For Immediate Release: May 17, 2023 Contact: CWS Begins New Chapter in Refugee Resettlement in Texas, Honoring Current and Future Clients in the Lone Star State New York City.—Church World Service today announced that the organization will be ending its partnership with Refugee Services of Texas for U.S. government fiscal year 2024, including administering federal reception and placement services …

Refugee Housing Solutions and Every Campus a Refuge Agree to Partner to Expand Safe, Affordable Housing for Newcomers to the United States

May 12, 2023

New York City—Refugee Housing Solutions (RHS) is an initiative of Church World Service that began in October 2021 with U.S. Department of State funding through its Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM). RHS partners with the State Department’s 10 national Resettlement Agencies and their 300+ local offices and affiliates nationwide. RHS’ goal is to increase safe, affordable housing availability …

Church World Service Responds to End of Title 42, Asylum Ban Reinstatement

May 10, 2023

Washington D.C.—CWS today expressed its alarm following an announcement from the Biden administration reinstating a version of a Trump-era asylum ban, which would require many of those seeking protection in the United States to first be denied asylum in another country before being allowed to apply through the U.S. asylum system. The ban is set to go into effect the … Honored at CWS Resettlement Conference

May 4, 2023

For Immediate Release: May 4, 2023 Contact: Honored at CWS Resettlement Conference New York City– CWS today honored at their annual Resettlement Conference with the presentation of the Exceptional Housing Partner Award. Since 2017 and Airbnb have provided temporary housing assistance to refugees and other newcomers in need of support in the United States, and …

Administration Plans for Regional Processing Centers for Refugees and Migrants in the Western Hemisphere Raises Questions, Leads to Calls for Permanent Protections

April 27, 2023

Washington, D.C.—Church World Service today expressed cautious optimism over new plans by the Biden administration to significantly increase refugee resettlement from Latin America and the Caribbean and establish new Regional Processing Centers (RPCs), while denouncing the coupling of these plans with exclusionary anti-asylum policies like the asylum transit and entry ban and increased reliance on expedited removal at the border. …