Global Migration: Dignity & Rights

People have always been on the move. But today is different.

Violence and persecution have forced people to leave their homes in record numbers. More than 100 million people are in this situation. More and more people are facing homelessness because of disasters. Climate change continues to add new challenges and strain.

CWS has been focusing on protecting migrants and refugees since our founding in 1946. This plays out in three ways:

First, we work to address the root factors that compel people to leave home. We advocate for urgent responses to the climate crisis, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is that people can choose to migrate rather than be forced to leave out of desperation.

Second, we meet the needs of people once they are on the move. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've joined allies from around the world to call on governments to protect migrants and refugees during the pandemic.

Third, we amplify the voices of people on the move. Their experiences are a guiding light in ensuring that our programs are effective.