Child Protection

Around the world, millions of children are growing up in poverty, war, hunger and broken systems. At CWS we understand that not only are children the most vulnerable amongst us, but their wellbeing is crucial to working towards a better future for all.

That’s why we are teaming up with families to help children succeed. Sometimes that means working with families to improve their hygiene and health. Other times it means helping parents make nutritious meals for their little ones. Or helping new moms understand the benefits of breastfeeding.

We understand that one of the key factors to a better future for children is education. To spread and improve the education of children world-wide, we are helping parents enroll their children in school, supporting teachers with the resources they need and working with schools to improve the safety of their schools by improving their infrastructure.

When children are on the move, their health and safety are still top priorities. Around the world, we are working to develop safe spaces where refugee children can learn, heal and build happy memories.

No matter the circumstance, we're committed to protecting and supporting children worldwide.