Photo: Shanley Studio

For more than six decades, we've been working with communities in Vietnam to overcome poverty. In particular, we work with rural and ethnic minority families.

Too many people in Vietnam still don't have proper bathrooms to use. With our Community-Led Total Sanitation model, thousands of people build and begin to use sanitary toilets each year.

We're also focused on improving access to clean water. For example, construction teams learn to build low-cost water filters, which they build and install in homes and schools.

When it comes to schools, we also focus on infrastructure upgrades. That could mean new bathrooms, improved libraries, or cleaner stoves in kitchens. And we use schools as hubs to share valuable information with students and their families. We host workshops on topics ranging from preventing human trafficking to proper hand washing.

We're proud to provide the information and resources that our neighbors need to overcome the challenges they face.