Central America

Photo: Sean Hawkey

In Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, we're teaming up with rural communities to help families thrive and make sure no one is forced to leave their home in search of safety and stability.

We’re giving families diverse way to feed themselves and make a living so that they can weather a bad harvest or a tough season.We’re helping families improve their harvests, sell their crops and find other ways to earn a living. And as the threat of climate change looms, we help protect and conserve resources.

When natural disasters, such as hurricanes, devastate entire communities we are there to help them rebuild and recover. We are ensuring families have access to clean water, receive food and hygiene kits, and get psychosocial support. We are also helping families re-grow their harvests by providing them with seeds and training sessions following a disaster.

Families, and children especially, can also rely on our support when a loved one becomes incarcerated. By joining hands with these families, we are advocating for the rights of children, helping them meet their basic needs and ensuring that these families are not left behind.

Our programs focus on bringing people together, sharing knowledge amongst one another and giving communities the tools they need to develop a better life.