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We have one goal: building a world where there is enough for all

After seven decades moving towards this goal, CWS has the faith and experience to know it’s possible. Working around the world, we’ve seen gardens flourishing in barren land. Migrants and refugees finding home even after every door has been closed. Houses standing strong against nature’s worst disasters. That’s the power of your compassion at work when it links to human resilience.

Hunger and Poverty

No child should die from malnutrition, especially when there are long-term solutions ready to take root in each community.


More and more families flee home because of climate and violence. But there are fewer places to go. We’re leading the charge in strategy and welcome.


Preparation, relief and recovery: our disaster response means committing to communities before – and long after – an emergency hits.

Meet Your Neighbors

Every day, CWS staff and partners are walking with our vulnerable neighbors around the world. These are people worth investing in.

Journey with us from Indonesia to Serbia and beyond as we stand with the marginalized and build a legacy of compassion. (3:38)

Create a world where there is enough for all

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Protecting vulnerable families

The humanitarian crisis in Central America has forced thousands of people to flee for safety.

What You Need to Know

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Tell Congress to protect families

Last month, a presidential proclamation was issued to bypass U.S. federal legal protections for asylum seekers.

Take Action

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CWS welcomes new review

New report measures the ‘fair share’ that each country should shoulder to reverse climate change

Learn about the review