Asylum & Border Services

War. Gangs. Pervasive harassment or discrimination. Corruption. Sexual violence. Humanitarian crises in countries worldwide force thousands of people to leave home in search of safety for themselves or their children. Many seek asylum in the United States.

In any major crisis, the toll is heaviest on our most vulnerable neighbors. The U.S.-Mexico border is no exception; women, children and people from marginalized communities arrive with urgent needs. They are in search of a warm place to sleep, good food to eat, a chance to bathe and somewhere to take a breath. That’s where CWS’s shelter partners come in. After people seeking asylum are released from U.S. custody, respite shelters welcome them with open arms. They meet all these needs and help guests call their loved ones to tell them that they are safe and finally free from detention. People seeking asylum usually spend only a few hours to a day at these shelters as they prepare to take their next steps.

Asylum seekers then aim to reunite with their loved ones nationwide. CWS helps ensure that they have what they need, no matter where they choose to start their lives over again in. Timely and accurate information is critical to counter the rampant rumor mill. As they settle into their new communities, people seeking asylum can call our national hotline to ask any questions they may have. Our specialists connect them to housing, legal, medical and mental health, social services and other resources.

Everyone deserves the chance to live a peaceful life. We’re proud to be a beacon of light helping those seeking asylum navigate their journey to safety protection and achieve a purposeful life.