Our Work

Fighting hunger and poverty. Promoting peace and justice.

CWS has a mandate to improve lives for the most marginalized and vulnerable people in the world. We approach this as holistically as possible. We understand that policies and prejudices keep the world’s poor and vulnerable in a cycle of injustice and poverty. So we advocate for changes in policy, and help those we serve to ensure their voices are heard. CWS was created as a response to an emergency. We recognize the world’s poor are most vulnerable to disaster, and we work both to prevent and to respond to calamities.

We will not achieve our mission of promoting peace and justice, and eradicating hunger and poverty, without addressing basic needs like food, water and community infrastructure. CWS serves those who can no longer remain in their homes. For refugees and the displaced, we provide care and accompaniment.


Addressing the policies and prejudices that keep the world’s vulnerable in poverty.


CWS provides help in crises, immediately and in the long term.

Global Development

Helping communities to address access to food, water and other challenges.

Refugees and Immigrants

Accompanying those who are searching for a safer, more secure home.

Where we work

We believe that there is enough food, water and justice for everyone in our world. Our work to build alliances among faith groups, civil society, advocates and those in need, and provide programs and services that are impactful, is as critical now as it ever has been. In the past year alone, we've been able to make differences in tens of thousands of lives in more than 30 countries.


Assisting those displaced in more than 30 countries. Coming alongside communities to access clean water and build safe schools.

Photo: CWS

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Empowering Roma communities. Developing sustainable energy solutions. Caring for refugees in Cairo.

Photo: Paul Jeffrey

Latin America and Caribbean

Protecting vulnerable children. Building community in the Gran Chaco. Rebuilding after the Haiti earthquake.

Photo: Paul Jeffrey

North America

Helping refugees build a new life and home. Addressing domestic hunger. Speaking out on global issues.

Photo: Sean Roberts


Enhancing resilience through disaster risk reduction. Working for peace with vulnerable populations. Building sustainable communities.

Photo: CWS