In partnership with rural communities, we are working to fill Tanzania with blooming gardens and are supporting families as they create food security and stable incomes. Through our agriculture programs, families and individuals are receiving the materials they need to start their gardens as well as the education needed for them to thrive.

Elsewhere, program participants are receiving livestock, which can be used to diversify both their income and diet. These programs help move families out of poverty while fighting against the threats of climate change and food insecurity.

Our reach in Tanzania also extends to Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, which is home to thousands of refugees from various African countries. Here, our vegetable farming program provides training on vegetable production, nutrition and marketing techniques of farm products. Through this program, refugees are not only learning how to grow their own vegetables, but they are also becoming strong leaders in their communities.

With our community partners we are growing gardens and developing new opportunities for a better life.