Hunger and poverty don’t stop at national borders. Neither does our Timor Zero Hunger program.

In East Timor, we’re helping families reach food and economic security. Communities are improving their livelihood through better practicing agriculture and animal husbandry and making sure that their children have nutritious meals.

We help families as they diversify their diets, access clean water, protect their health, earn more income, and expand small businesses. The communities we work with are several hours outside the capital of Dili and face a lot of challenges.

In this area, the soil is quite poor, drought is a challenge, and water and healthcare services are limited. All families face hunger or malnutrition. That’s why families in the Timor Zero Hunger program are raising chickens and expanding their gardens. They are accessing clean water and using it to raise their standard of living.

As the program's name suggests, our goal is zero hunger. Together, we can make this a reality for more of our neighbors.