Housing for Newcomers

Safe housing, or shelter, is a human right. But for refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers and other newcomers, finding permanent housing can be one of the greatest challenges upon arrival.

CWS supports refugees and other newcomers as they arrive and rebuild their lives in the United States. We partner with national housing groups, private landlords and property managers across the country to provide housing solutions for our new neighbors. We also partner with temporary housing providers, such as Airbnb, Hyatt and HomeTowne Suites by Red Roof, and aim to expand our housing network to provide a safe landing for newcomers when permanent housing cannot be identified upon arrival.

CWS also leads Refugee Housing Solutions, a project of CWS under an agreement paid for by the U.S. Department of State and Health and Human Services. Refugee Housing Solutions provides resources, training and support for resettlement practitioners, landlords, property owners and refugees to expand access to quality housing for refugee families and newcomers.

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