CWS Remote Reception and Placement Program

Photo: Joshua Roberts/Getty Images
CWS is a local refugee resettlement office that supports a network of 38 offices across the country. Communities outside of 100 miles from a national refugee resettlement office are able to partner with CWS to welcome refugees while receiving guidance and support from CWS remote placement staff.

Become a Remote Placement Community Partner

The role of Remote Placement Community Partners (RPCPs) is to provide R&P services for refugees who are placed into remote areas--anywhere outside of a 100-mile radius from the nearest resettlement agency office. RPCPs provide on-the-ground services that otherwise would be provided by resettlement agency staff in order to ensure that clients have a smooth transition into their new communities. These RPCPs assume full responsibility for implementing R&P program services and meeting the material needs of refugee arrivals for the first 30-90 days after arrival. As a Remote Placement Community Partner, your role is vital to the integration of newly arrived refugees. You are a bridge-builder to the community at large and an ambassador of welcome for your city/town.

Partner with CWS to welcome refugees

Each RPCP will be matched with a CWS National Community Sponsorship Associate (NCSA) who provides training, onboarding and ongoing coaching. The NCSA will help the RPCP to ensure that services are delivered effectively and on time, and to maintain a virtual case file tracking these services. The NCSA will conduct an intake interview with the client soon after arrival, and conduct spot-check interviews with clients through the 90-day service delivery period to monitor quality of housing and client well-being. NCSAs will also help apply for additional aid, including direct assistance funds to be used for specific purposes, as needed by the client. In urgent situations, CWS staff may travel to the site to provide support.

NCSAs will also put RPCPs in communication with each other (both within and across states) to facilitate cohort-based problem solving and support.

The steps to becoming a Remote Placement Community Partner

Complete the CWS Interest and Readiness Assessment

Complete CWS Remote Placement Training

Complete CWS Background check process

Build your basic service welcome plan

Be matched with an arriving refugee family

Welcome the family to your community