In Kenya, we are committed to helping our most vulnerable neighbors have access to education, a nutritious diet, a safe community, clean water and basic rights.

We are working with communities to address the long-term factors that undermine their ability to respond to the changing environment. Farmers are learning about modern beekeeping methods and families are joining savings and loan groups. In the wake of droughts, floods and famine, we are providing immediate food assistance and supporting families with livestock and crops.

Our Resettlement Support Center has helped thousands of refugees prepare for resettlement in the United States. We conduct applicant interviews, collect information and present cases to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. We also make sure refugees are ready for their new environment by leading cultural orientation training.

Started in 2014, our Safe Space Program works to break stereotypes and create welcoming environments for LGBTIQ+ migrants in Kenya and South Africa. We promote inclusive faith environments and increase awareness of the protection risks that LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers face.

Communities in Kenya are the trailblazers for change. Together, we can build the path towards a better future for all.