Speaking Out

with those who are displaced and vulnerable

Our work in advocacy

Inspired by faith, we stand in solidarity with people who are impoverished, marginalized, displaced and vulnerable to advocate for policies that will help eradicate hunger and poverty and promote peace and justice in the U.S. and throughout the world. From the White House and Congress to Port-au-Prince and Nairobi, we work everyday to raise your voices in the halls of power so that together we can upend the broken systems of our world – and enact laws and policies that transform lives for the better. We need your voice and action as we build movements that demonstrate the power of the faith community as a bold witness for justice. Advocacy – like our direct-service program work – results in the hungry being fed, the thirsty having clean water, immigrant rights being respected, women and other smallholder farmers prospering, displaced persons finding safety and opportunity, and ultimately, a more just and peaceful world. We believe in building strong links between our interventions in the field – short-term measures to effect change – and the advocacy that will ultimately change policies that will bring about justice for the long-term.

Foreign assistance

Hunger and poverty-focused humanitarian assistance saves lives – at less than one percent of the federal budget.

Photo: CWS

Immigrant and refugee rights

Working together, we can create a world that protects, assists and integrates refugees and immigrants.

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Climate change

The gravity of climate change requires us to act with urgency and seek justice for all people and future generations.

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Regional priorities

Throughout the world, CWS integrates advocacy into our programs. Whether working with indigenous groups to reclaim their land or seeking to end decades of conflict, we work with local partners and churches to identify the priorities that are most important to their communities. Together we work to help poor and vulnerable groups realize their rights to lives with peace, justice and dignity.

South American Chaco

The Gran Chaco region is an immense and little-known region in the heart of South America and contains the largest forest reserve on the continent after the Amazon and the largest dry forest in the world. Throughout this region in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, CWS partners with local indigenous groups, women and youth to advocate for land rights, food security, education, economic development and climate justice. Since 2005, we have helped empower indigenous communities to recover 1,788 square miles of their ancestral land – a territory almost the size of the U.S. state of Delaware.

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/CWS


CWS is celebrating the momentous diplomatic agreement between the United States and Cuba and what it means for humanitarian and faith relations for citizens of both countries. We have long sought normalization of relations with Cuba, engaging leaders on both sides, including the Cuban presidential administration. We believe this agreement represents a significant step forward for peace, human rights and free society. As the U.S. and Cuba begin normalizing relations, our work and witness does not end. We continue to advocate for human rights and call for an end to the U.S. embargo.

Photo: Kentucky Refugee Ministries


As the work to rebuild in Haiti continues, CWS is promoting anti-corruption initiatives to ensure that the government and aid structures are accountable to the Haitian people. We also work to abolish the restaveks system in Haiti – the practice of using domestic child servants – and we recently drafted a Congressional resolution to commemorate November 17 as a national day to end this injustice. In addition, we advocate for the protection of Dominicans of Haitian descent threatened with statelessness in the Dominican Republic.

Photo: CWS/ASR

Israeli-Palestinian peace

CWS joins the call for the U.S. and the international community to step up its influence to bring about a just and lasting peace in Israel and Palestine. The continuing occupation of Palestinian lands increasingly devastates Palestinian lives and profoundly undermines Israel’s own security. We deplore all violations of human rights in the region and urge respect for the human rights and equal treatment of all. We also call for an end to the blockade on Gaza imposed by Israel and Egypt and to all rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance