Climate Change

The world is feeling the fallout from rising temperatures and changing climates. Disasters are getting stronger and more frequent. Droughts are lasting longer. Weather patterns are less predictable. Farming practices that were once stable are no longer effective. Smaller harvests leave families with less to eat and sell.

And as a result, families are struggling to earn a living or put food on the table. The people who are suffering the most are also the people who have contributed to the problem the least. The world’s poorest communities and countries did not produce the greenhouse gasses that science has proved cause climate change.

It's not too late to turn the tide of climate change, but we must act now. With your help, people all over the world are finding new ways to adapt and continue to earn a living. But this isn't enough. This crisis requires a global response. Governments must step up, and citizens must demand cleaner economies. We need to ensure that at risk communities have the supplies and resources they need to build resilience.