Europe and the Middle East

Whether we’re responding to war, or helping communities have access to renewable energy, our programs in Europe share the same mission: to build a world where everyone has food, voice and a safe place to call home.

We are creating safe spaces for refugees to have access to education, basic needs like food and hygiene products, safety and information about their legal rights. Through our refugee hubs and drop in shelters, we are ensuring Ukrainian and Roma children have the resources they need to grow during difficult times. We are also making sure women are given the opportunity to learn and work so that they can break the cycle of poverty for good.

Our programs are empowering families with the opportunity to generate stable incomes and access new opportunities for themselves and their children. Paired with our renewable energy programs, these families can now save money and improve their overall quality of life.

By working with these communities, we are responding to immediate needs and developing longer term solutions that will help us move closer to our mission. Together, we will move closer and closer to accomplishing our goal of building a better world for all.