Ukraine — One Year Later

On February 24, 2022, the world watched in horror as Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine. The ongoing offensive has displaced millions of Ukrainians from their homes, with over 8 million people fleeing the country to seek safety across Europe and even further as their own communities fall to violence.

One year later, the violence is still raging on with little end in sight. Those who evacuated Ukraine now find themselves as refugees trying to survive beyond the bags they packed, and in unfamiliar communities where resources are limited.

CWS' Response

Through the support of our partners and donors, CWS is working in both Moldova and the United States to address the short and longer term needs of roughly 20,000 refugees from Ukraine.
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Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe – a reason why CWS has prioritized partnerships here for 15+ years. The country is the only non-EU country hosting a significant number of refugees, especially when considering its population size.

Through our local partnerships in Moldova, CWS has reached over 12,000 refugees and host community members with supplies for daily survival, including food, hygiene, winter, and school supplies, in addition to longer-term support through education, psychosocial, psychological, livelihoods, and medical services, and legal counsel. As needs stretch into the longer term, our focus continues to be supporting the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in this crisis: women, children and Roma refugees.
United States
As a national refugee resettlement agency, CWS has equipped 32 U.S. cities to support roughly 5,000 people who have made the journey from Ukraine to the U.S. The U.S. government has not yet determined a permanent plan for the majority of Ukrainian arrivals, so we are making sure that no one falls through the gaps in the interim. The biggest needs that we’re responding to right now include housing, basic and material assistance, case management, mental health supports, legal services, and preparing host communities and sponsors for welcome.
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U.S. Story Highlight:

Oleg's Journey to Help Ukrainian War Refugees in North Carolina
In the United States, CWS offices have seen a swell of support from Ukrainians in their communities who want to help their fellow citizens. This is Oleg’s story – one that has taken him from dance teacher to caregiver.
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    For those who are directly impacted, this one year mark makes hope for a stable future feel impossibly far away. Your support stabilizes their situation both now and in the longer term. Here’s how you can help:



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    A Special Thanks

    CWS is grateful for the generosity of those who contributed to this work. Support for this response was provided by grants from UMCOR, as well as major contributions from, California Department of Social Services, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ACT Alliance, Church of the Brethren, Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ, International Ministries, Howard Gilman Foundation, The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, Global Impact, United Church of Christ, the Trull Foundation, and Kearsarge Community Presbyterian Church, in addition to gifts from our compassionate community of individual and congregational supporters.