The Invasion of Ukraine and Who You’ve Impacted

February 20, 2023

One year ago, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the CWS community joined forces to do our part in supporting Ukrainians. In the last year, so many of you have stepped up to do one of the things that the CWS family does best: surround people who have lost their homes in a big hug of love and support (and supplies, resources, services and so much more). You have been a helping hand to so many of our Ukrainian neighbors in ways big and small. Today, as we look back at a year of welcome and generosity, we wanted to reflect on exactly who it is you’ve reached.

Thanks to your unified support…

Mothers like Julia and their children rediscovered simple joys: At the very beginning of the war, we were able to install a brand new kitchen in a Refugee Accommodation Center where multiple Ukrainian families were residing. Thanks to this donation, RAC guests like Julia and her sons were able to have some of their favorite treats like omelets and pancakes! These warm meals are giving families a sense of home and comfort. 

Our next generation is pursuing their dreams: When 13-year-old Mark was forced to leave his home–and his father–behind in Ukraine, he became a responsible young man who wanted to care for his family. One of his goals was to use his art skills to buy his mom a present for her birthday. Through our education center in Moldova, Mark began taking art lessons that allowed him to achieve his goals and release the stresses caused by the war. Thanks to your support, we were able to gift Mark a brand new art kit and are helping him support his mom while providing the freedom to have fun and just be a child. 

Roma communities have not been left behind: when Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes, we made sure the doors to safety were open to all Ukrainians. With your donations, we developed a brand new program so that Ukrainian Roma families could count on us for help adjusting to their new communities. Our program continues to advocate for this community and ensure they get access to the same resources and support as other Ukranians. 

Families like Vitalina and her son received the gift of language: When Vitalina and her sons moved to Moldova, they struggled to start their new lives due to language barriers. With your help, we enrolled both Vitalina and her son in language classes. Now Vitalina is more confident in her community and her son can learn freely at school.

Moldovan communities received a big energy boost: Through your generosity, we were able to install solar panels in a RAC and the homes of many Moldovan families. We were also able to gift livestock to the families in the program to give them an additional source of income. This allows Moldovans to stay warm and keep their doors open to Ukrainian families that are in search of a new home. 

Parents like Viktoriia and their children can feel more at home: From the start, we have been working with our local partner Diaconia, to develop ways to welcome their new Ukrainian neighbors. With your help, Diaconia continues to provide comfort to Ukrainian families like Viktoriia and her sons. 

Children maintained their right to education, safety and fun: With your help, we supported our partner Diaconia in establishing an education center for Ukrainian children. At this center, children can work on their school work, make new friends and enjoy what it truly means to be a kid. Together, we were also able to spread the fun through our fun bus! When Moldova’s newest community members first arrived, the Fun Bus brought games, educational activities and lots of joy to children residing in Refugee Accommodation Centers.

We invite you to continue joining us in our work and inspiring hope by donating here.

Significant support for this project was provided by a grant from UMCOR.