A Story of Kindness and Generosity

February 3, 2023

The kindness and generosity displayed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace is truly inspiring. For years, they have been a long-term and sustaining partner of Church World Service Jersey City, providing shelter and other resources to clients from around the world during humanitarian crises. Their history of employing immigrants and refugees, as well as running a shelter for new arrivals in Jersey City, shows their deep commitment to serving those in need.

When the war in Ukraine began, the sisters once again demonstrated their passion and dedication to helping those in need. They offered space in a house on their property to newly arrived Ukrainians who were in need of emergency housing. The family of two, a mother and daughter named Svitlana and Anastaisa, was supported by the sisters with food, transportation, and medical care. 

This generosity and kindness were not limited to just providing basic needs. When the house on the property experienced a water leak, the sisters went above and beyond and offered to cover six months of rent for the family in an alternative housing situation. This act of generosity is a testament to the sisters’ commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. We could not do the work we do to support clients without generous partners like the sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace! 

The partnership between the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace and Church World Service Jersey City has been essential in the organization’s ability to support clients during times of crisis. The actions of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace serve as a shining example of the power of kindness and compassion. Their unwavering commitment to serving those in need and their generosity in providing support has had a significant impact on the lives of many and serves as a reminder of the positive change that can be achieved through selflessness and generosity.