Welcoming Ukrainians


Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine in February 2022. As a result, more than 6 million refugees have fled the country in search of safety. The majority are women and children who are in need of protection and support.

The conflict has continued to escalate, and Russian forces have targeted Ukrainians indiscriminately. This has caused thousands of civilian casualties and decimated key infrastructure. Many of the families who have escaped to neighboring countries have arrived with only the clothes on their backs. The Ukrainian economy has also plummeted, leaving these refugees with little or no financial security.

Shortly after the conflict began, President Biden committed to welcome up to 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine. He also announced that Ukrainians who are already in the United States would be granted Temporary Protected Status making them safe from deportation.

In April, the administration announced the Uniting for Ukraine Program. Under this program, people who have fled the conflict in Ukraine are eligible for humanitarian parole, a means of temporary legal status. Individuals applying to travel to the U.S. through this program must apply with a sponsor. Individuals and organizations in the U.S. who wish to sponsor a Ukrainian arrival must commit to financially supporting them.

Thousands of people fleeing Ukraine have also traveled to the Southern Border of the United States to seek protection.


CWS is recruiting, supporting and training groups of individuals who wish to sponsor people fleeing Ukraine through the Uniting for Ukraine Program. Our U.S. network of local offices and affiliates also provides basic assistance, including housing support and food security to families who have fled Ukraine and have made their way to these communities.

Along the border, CWS supported shelters are providing a warm welcome to Ukrainian asylum seekers after they have been released from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement custody. CWS matches asylum seekers with resources and services when they travel on to reunite with family members or other contacts in the U.S.

We are also working in Moldova, which borders Ukraine. Hand in hand with Moldovan organizations, we are providing critical supplies and protection to people fleeing Ukraine. Learn more about our response in Moldova here.

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I need assistance in sponsoring a displaced Ukrainian

Click here for more information about the United States Government’s Uniting for Ukraine response. You can fill out an I-134 Declaration of Financial Support on this site to aid a Ukrainian who you are connected to.