Resettlement Sessions

Refugee Resettlement 101

During this session, we will provide important frameworks on the root causes of displacement and guide participants through current solutions to today's refugee crisis. The solution of refugee resettlement will be explored in depth to provide understanding of the process refugees go through before and after arrival to their new communities in the United States.

Introduction to Community Sponsorship

During this session, we will review the important role local communities have and continue to play in welcoming resettled refugees. We will explore the historic approach of co-sponsorship while providing updated information on current community sponsorship opportunities across the United States.

Organizing for Welcome

During this session, we will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to create a co-sponsor group to welcome arriving refugees. Participants will leave with a toolkit for creating, organizing and mobilizing a team of people and clear action steps to take to engage in co-sponsorship.

Intersection of Power, Culture and Anti-racism in Refugee Resettlement

During this session, we will explore the basics of anti-racism and allyship in resettlement and their greater community. We will share about the topics of power, culture, and diversity in welcoming refugees. Participants will have a better understanding of their role in community transformation and as well as resources to share with their congregations and organizations.

Welcoming Vulnerable Populations

During this session, participants will be introduced to considerations when working with vulnerable populations of refugees. Health and mental health, age, and social/identity group status may cause increased vulnerability to arriving refugees. CWS staff will share about current programming to assist these populations in their transition to new communities. Participants will be equipped with an understanding of best practices in their volunteering with vulnerable refugee populations.

Community and Refugee Integration

During this session, participants will learn how your faith community can be an active part of community transformation. As community members become proximate to the struggles of those living in their community, they become advocates for just and sustainable solutions for broken systems. Participants will hear directly from former refugees on how community sponsorship supports refugee integration.

Trauma Informed Refugee Resettlement

During this session, we will discuss how welcoming communities must consider the impact that trauma has had on the lives of resettled refugees. We will explore trauma-informed considerations in refugee resettlement and how to act in a trauma-informed manner when volunteering. To aid in continued self-sufficiency, participants will leave the session with a resource list on the issues of trauma and trauma healing.

Making Change through Civic Engagement

During this session, we will discuss with newcomers and long-term residents how to address the issues facing your community at the local, state, and federal level. We will focus on the impacts of understanding how the civic process works, developing networks of leaders and engaging in activities such as voter education, meeting with elected officials or joining local welcome councils. We will discuss how faith allies and immigrant leaders can collectively collaborate to make effective change they want to see within their communities. In addition, we will also discuss how to utilize varying skills within communities to better their communities through civic engagement.

(This is a joint session with Advocacy & Refugee Resettlement & Community Sponsorship track.)