Resettlement Sessions

Introduction to Community Sponsorship

During this session, we will review the important role local communities have and continue to play in welcoming resettled refugees. We will explore the historic approach of co-sponsorship while providing updated information on current community sponsorship opportunities across the United States.

Following this session, participants will:
Understand the historical context of faith community co-sponsorship and the U.S. refugee resettlement program.
Understand the different ways community members can welcome refugees to their communities.
Understand how to access community sponsorship opportunities across the United States.

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Stacey Clack, Director of Community Sponsorship and Engagement, Church World Service

Stacey Clack serves as the Director for Community Sponsorship and Engagement at CWS. Stacey is passionate about creating welcoming communities for newcomers. Stacey believes that as community members become civically engaged in welcoming they can be a catalyst for community transformation and in turn create better, more inclusive communities for all. Stacey has a degree in Theology from Kuyper College and has been with Church World Service for 2.5 years. Prior to working at CWS, Stacey worked for Inner City Christian Federation, an organization working to ensure everyone has access to safe, clean, and affordable housing.

Ted Blessing, Community Engagement Organizer, Church World Service

Ted Blessing is thrilled to begin his work as Faith Community Organizer for Church World Service! Previously, Ted worked as the Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator for Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska. While in the role, Ted built refugee sponsorship programs, created refugee arts programming, and developed networks of immigrant/refugee support across the State of Nebraska. Ted is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, also having completed certificates with the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. When not working, Ted can be found teaching/coaching competitive dance, visiting family back home in San Diego, or parenting his new 8-week-old cockapoo, Ruby.

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