Resettlement Sessions

Welcoming Vulnerable Populations

During this session, participants will be introduced to considerations when working with vulnerable populations of refugees. Health and mental health, age, and social/identity group status may cause increased vulnerability to arriving refugees. CWS staff will share about current programming to assist these populations in their transition to new communities. Participants will be equipped with an understanding of best practices in their volunteering with vulnerable refugee populations.

Following this session, participants will:
Understand and be able to identify vulnerable populations of refugees.
Understand programs and supports in place to assist vulnerable populations.
Understand best practices in volunteering with vulnerable populations.

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Melissa Berger, Case Management Programming Coordinator, Church World Service

As the Case Management Programming Coordinator, Melissa is a key player in the Preferred Communities program at CWS HQ and provides TA and training in case management across programs. She was previously the Intensive Services Caseworker at the International Rescue Committee in New Jersey for several years, and has prior experience in non-profit work and healthcare. Melissa served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana, and holds a BA in International Relations.

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