Photo: Sean Hawkey

Seeking safety is a human right. In Mexico, thousands of asylum seekers are on their journey to seek safety. On this journey they may face violence, harassment and exploitation. CWS’s goal is to be an oasis on this path, and support and advocate for those who are on the move.

With our local partners, we are making sure asylum seekers have access to basic needs including shelter, food, medical assistance, hygiene supplies and clothes. To prepare them for their final destination, we are also providing counseling, legal assistance and employment advice. In the same ways we are supporting those on the move, we are helping deportees get back on their feet when they are forcibly sent to Mexico.

With our partner Plataforma NNAPES, we are also making sure every child’s rights are protected when they experience the incarceration of a parent.

In the journey of a child, a deportee in an unfamiliar country, or a migrant courageously seeking a better life, will you join us in being a source of kindness?

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