Empowering Families

to move beyond the cycle of poverty

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Our work in global development

Hunger and poverty mean hearing your only daughter tell you day after day that she wishes she lived in a home where the roof didn’t leak and rats didn’t fall through the ceiling. It’s doing everything you can to earn a living and feed your family, only to find out that your baby is malnourished. It’s wanting to buy some small Christmas gifts for your grandchildren but needing to spend the money to keep your house warm instead. It’s having to cook for your children using dirty, smelly water and knowing that it might make them sick. And it’s heading out to a field in the dark to relieve yourself because your family doesn’t have a toilet.

It’s the poverty that too many of our global neighbors face. Families around the world are hard at work every day, but they still face gut-wrenching decisions and challenges that often seem insurmountable.

CWS and our supporters and partners around the world have stood with these families this year and for more than seven decades.

The help and hope that we offer come in many forms, but in every instance we are proud to provide families with the supplies, information and opportunity they need to earn that extra income, prepare that healthy meal, build that sanitary latrine or purify that dirty water. While the dual challenges of hunger and poverty continue to loom large, families around the world are resting easier thanks to CWS programs.


CWS provides help in crises, immediately and in the long term.

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Food security

CWS ensures communities have reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

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We all need water to survive. CWS helps makes sure water is safe to drink and is reasonably accessible.

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Women and children

Women and children are impacted most when resources are scarce. Focusing on their needs is essential.

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Community-Led Development

In the Community-Led Development movement, communities are at the helm of overcoming challenges such as hunger, poverty and disaster. It focuses on inclusive, systemic change that helps them become more resilient and prosperous.

CWS has been a member of the CLD movement since 2015. The CLD model is at the center of all CWS development and disaster preparedness programs.

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Where we work

We believe that there is enough food, water and justice for everyone in our world. Our work to build alliances among faith groups, civil society, advocates and those in need, and provide programs and services that are impactful, is as critical now as it ever has been. In the past year alone, we've been able to make differences in tens of thousands of lives in more than 30 countries.



Assisting those displaced in more than 30 countries. Coming alongside communities to access clean water and build safe schools.

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Enhancing resilience through disaster risk reduction. Working for peace with vulnerable populations. Building sustainable communities.

Europe and Middle East

Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Empowering Roma communities. Developing sustainable energy solutions. Caring for refugees in Cairo.

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Latin America & Caribbean

Latin America and Caribbean

Protecting vulnerable children. Building community in the Gran Chaco. Rebuilding after the Haiti earthquake.

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North America

North America

Helping refugees build a new life and home. Addressing domestic hunger. Speaking out on global issues.

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