Emergency Response

Helping people recover and rebuild

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Our work in disaster response

Whether it’s a hurricane delivering drenching rains, prolonged drought shriveling crops or violent political conflict, emergencies take a heavy toll. 2018 no exception. CWS and our donors, supporters and partners reached families reeling from the relentless Atlantic hurricane season, drought then flooding in Kenya, multiple emergencies that are fueling the largest refugee crisis in more than 70 years and other disasters large and small.

We accompany families through every stage of the disaster cycle. Many of our global development programs focus on preparing remote communities to respond to an emergency when help might be a long time coming. That often means helping community volunteers organize response teams and learn basic first aid. When disaster strikes, we provide critical supplies to meet immediate needs. We continue to support long-term recovery efforts, well after the television cameras and news crews have gone.

Disaster preparedness

Being prepared for a disaster as an individual, a congregation and a community can make all the difference.

Photo: Lesvi Roselim/CWS

Immediate response

Right after a disaster, CWS is there, providing material assistance requested by communities in need.

Photo: Chukwudi Ozo-Onyali

Long-term recovery

Communities need assistance in the long term, helping them not only recover, but also become more resilient than before.

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Providing disaster relief around the world

Hurricane Florence

The rains may have passed, but the wrath and destruction of Hurricane Florence is far from over. We are responding.

Central Sulawesi Earthquake & Tsunami

Our team is on the ground making sure people have shelter, water and basic supplies.

Earthquake in Haiti

As the ground shook, many houses were damaged or destroyed. We will help our neighbors rebuild.

Hurricane Michael

We are shipping CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets, Kits and Blankets to communities hit by the storm.

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