Provide help for refugees and immigrants

Helping people find a home and feel safe

Photos: Shane Nelson

Our work with displaced persons

Around the world violence, conflict and persecution are forcing families to flee their homes in search of safety at an alarming rate. The United Nations estimates there are more than 25 million refugees who cannot safely return home. The U.S. refugee resettlement program, built by CWS and faith communities around the country, saves lives, encourages other countries to keep their doors open to families seeking safety and promotes global security.

Since we first began resettling refugees in the aftermath of World War II we have welcomed these families into our communities, into our churches and into our lives, and we have seen how doing so has made us more vibrant, prosperous and strong. Throughout every step of the resettlement process we work to ensure that refugee families are put on a path to achieve security, stability and full integration in their new communities. And for the majority of refugee families who will not get the opportunity to be resettled, we provide tools and support to help them build new livelihoods where they are.

As the number of refugee families admitted to the United States has dwindled, we are also working to lift the voices of people of faith, refugee leaders and welcoming communities to defend America’s longstanding tradition of protecting the persecuted and ensure our nation remains a beacon of hope for decades to come.

Serving the vulnerable

CWS helps refugees resettle and rebuild their lives. We strive to meet them where they are, providing assistance and safeguarding the most vulnerable.

Welcoming communities

CWS works to build networks of compassion and vitality, where refugees can fulfill their dreams, thrive and give back to communities that help them on their journey.

Supporting immigrants

CWS extends welcome to newcomers, helping immigrants find legal status in the U.S. with the support of local communities, churches and individuals.