Protect Vulnerable Families

She was abused as a child, and so were her sisters. Her daughter has been raped. She says that from the moment a girl is born in Honduras, preparations are being made to ruin her life.

His 10-year-old son was murdered, and weeks later his teenage daughter was raped. He can’t find work, and the crops are failing.

There is a desperate humanitarian crisis in Central America. Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are in the top five most dangerous countries in the world, and the governments of these countries are doing little to protect their people.

This violence, corruption and poverty has forced thousands of Central American families to flee from their homes, desperate to find safety for themselves and their children.

Every family has the right to live in safety and dignity. That’s why Church World Service is working to care for these families and help them access the safe home they deserve. Our agricultural programs in Central America can mean that a family may not have to migrate to survive.

And when violence does force a family to run, CWS is providing supplies and care on both sides of the border. For families arriving in the United States and exercising their legal right to seek safety and asylum, we connect them to critical services and assistance while they await their immigration hearing.


A woman and her children from Central America on the migrant caravan through southern Mexico. Photo: Sean Hawkey / ACT Alliance