Migrants walking before dawn from Huixtla to Pijijiapan. Thousands of people have fled Honduras and to walk together in a caravan towards the U.S. border. Photo: Sean Hawkey / ACT Alliance

Support Vulnerable Families

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Everyone should have a safe place to call home. In some parts of the world violence, corruption and poverty force people to flee for their lives every day. You can help people who are trying to escape find safety and meet their basic needs on their journey.

You’ll help families put food on their tables and ease the burden of drought, floods and limited opportunities. When violence forces a family to run, you’ll be there to help make sure they have food, water and shelter on their journey. Families escaping violence and persecution have a legal right to seek safety. Your support will help us ensure that the right to seek asylum in the United States is preserved. And when families are released from detention centers, you will help provide them with warm blankets and supplies while they await their immigration hearing.

You will be there for them as they rebuild their lives by providing access to critical social services and legal assistance.

Donate to Church World Service now to make sure more of our neighbors have access to the safe home we all deserve.


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