Migrants sleep on the floor at San Francisco Church in Huixtla, Chiapas. Photo: Sean Hawkey / ACT Alliance

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Photo: Sean Hawkey / ACT Alliance

Your Questions, Answered

Why are people leaving? What is Mexico’s policy towards the migrant caravan? Why is the administration trying to deport people back into harm’s way?

Our partners at the Washington Office on Latin America answer these questions – and more – in their article “9 Questions (and Answers) About the Central American Migrant Caravan.”

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Photo: Bethany Beachum

Responding to the Caravan

CWS is providing support to our Honduran and Guatemalan partners to provide emergency aid to caravan families in Guatemala and now in Mexico. We also work to address many of the root causes that force families to leave home to survive, including rural poverty, gender-based violence, climate change, crime, gang violence and corruption.

CWS in Central America + Supporting the Caravan

Photo: Sean Hawkey / ACT Alliance

Latest Press Statements

Church World Service is speaking out to remind our elected officials of our call to welcome and demand protection for vulnerable families fleeing violence and persecution.

  • CWS Denounces Trump’s Plan to Dismantle Asylum Protections for Families Seeking Safety

    Apr 30, 2019    READ NOW

  • Secretary Nielsen Announces Illegal Plan to Undermine Asylum Protections

    Dec 20, 2018    READ NOW


Photo: Sean Hawkey

From the CWS Blog

Climate change is what is known as a threat multiplier in Central America. It is part of the complex system of challenges that forces people from their homes. Here’s a look at how U.S. climate change policy connects to Central American migration.

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