National Sanctuary Movement

As immigrant families have been targeted for deportation by the Trump Administration, the Sanctuary Movement has become a galvanizing force for the faith community to respond and help keep families together.

Coordinated by CWS, the Sanctuary Movement has rapidly grown to more than 1,100 congregations organized in over 50 coalitions and networks across the country to offer safe shelter for immigrants facing deportation and walk in solidarity with undocumented leaders brave enough to tell their stories to the world.

CWS supports the growth of new Sanctuary networks by providing resources, trainings and one-on-one support, and by equipping congregations with the tools they need to succeed. We have also mobilized Sanctuary Movement partners to provide more tools to help immigrants know their rights and be prepared if ICE knocks on their doors. Through the #SacredResistance campaign, CWS issued a map of congregations standing ready to provide shelter and rapid response to raids, along with a toolkit for faith allies to stand in solidarity with immigrants.

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