South American Gran Chaco

Photo: Sean Hawkey

The Gran Chaco region of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay is twice the size of California. It’s vast, but few people live here.

Indigenous families live alongside poor farmers, not always peacefully. Despite their differences, everyone faces poverty and significant challenges like water shortages. And more and more land is being turned into commercial farms at the expense of families' well-being.

Our team and our partners know that it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we’re part of a long-term, cross-border initiative to raise the standard of living in the region. We're teaming up with communities to improve water access. We're making it easier for families to raise livestock and cultivate lush gardens. At the forefront of all these efforts is a goal of raising the people's voices in defense of their rights.

There’s a long road ahead for families here. But they are not walking it alone.