URGENT TAKE ACTION: Tell President Biden and Congress to Halt Inhumane Expulsions and Anti-Asylum Policies at the Border

August 11, 2022

At this moment, the inhumane and immoral Title 42 policy, a Trump era policy which produced a humanitarian disaster that blocks and expels individuals seeking refuge at the U.S. southern border, remains in place. Though the Biden administration attempted to end the policy, a Federal Judge in Louisiana blocked the administration’s plan to terminate Title 42 in Arizona v. CDC by issuing a preliminary injunction. This policy has wrongfully expelled over 1.8 million people to danger without due process or the opportunity to seek asylum, forcing people back to danger in Mexico or the harm they fled. It has proven to be a discriminatory policy, particularly targeting Haitians and other Black migrants seeking safety.

Since May 20th, 2022, anti-asylum measures have been introduced in an attempt to keep Title 42 in place indefinitely and deny access to asylum, including the Public Health and Border Security Act of 2022, the Solving the Border Crisis Act, and amendments attached to funding bills.

Your voice matters. It is vital that we speak out against such anti-asylum policies that hurt asylum seekers, undermine public health, create chaos at the southern border, and vastly expand wasteful and harmful taxpayer spending on immigration detention and enforcement. We urge the administration and Congress to welcome people with dignity by immediately ending the use of the unlawful and immoral Title 42 policy and oppose any amendments that deny individuals and families the right to seek asylum.

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Sample Email/Script: “I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and [as a faith leader/refugee leader] I am deeply disturbed to see people seeking asylum still being turned away and expelled under the misuse of the immoral and unlawful Title 42 policy. Under the policy, thousands of Haitian and other asylum seeking families and adults have been expelled to the very danger they fled.

I am also deeply concerned to see new proposals attempting to keep the immoral policy in place, including the Public Health and Border Security Act of 2022, the Solving the Border Crisis Act, and amendments attempting to codify Title 42 attached to funding bills. Many migrants have died from being denied access to asylum at the border where ports of entry have remained closed for over two years. Like most efforts historically used to control cross-border migration, Title 42 does not deter those seeking safety in the U.S., but pushes them into more dangerous circumstances while trying to get here.

Public health experts, including senior CDC officials, have consistently stated that this policy does not protect public health. Moreover, public health officials have outlined the severe physical and mental health consequences for asylum seekers expelled under the Title 42 policy. The United States has the ability to protect public health and safeguard the lives of children, families, and adults seeking asylum and other humanitarian protection – just like we have for non-asylum seekers during the pandemic.

I urge you to oppose these dangerous bills and any anti-asylum measures that would keep the inhumane Title 42 policy in place. I also urge you to tell the Biden administration to ensure the safety and dignity of migrants, and halt all expulsions of asylum seekers to danger, working in close coordination with groups and communities who stand ready to welcome them.”