North America

Through our 34-office network, CWS continues its historic commitment to refugee assistance by providing a home for more than 7,500 refugees in the United States annually. CWS continues its historic roots of addressing hunger and poverty in the U.S. through more than 1,300 CROP Hunger Walks. More than 116,000 people participated in CROP Hunger Walks across the U.S. last year. CWS’s work around the world would not be complete without pushing for changes in policies affecting those we serve. CWS continues to advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable in Washington, D.C., for food assistance that is just, and for the needs of refugees and immigrants in relation to U.S. policy.

Refugee resettlement

CWS aims to provide the most vulnerable refugees with an opportunity to start again in the U.S.

Photo: Phillip Rincon/CWS

Fighting hunger

Nearly a quarter of funds raised in our CROP Hunger Walk events support local food banks.

Photo: Paul Jeffrey


We stand in solidarity with people who are impoverished, marginalized and displaced.

Photo: Matt Hackworth/CWS