The Syrians I know

Sarah Ivory | November 20, 2015


The Syrians I know are shy middle schoolers who love science and look up to their mom who was a physics teacher before her country fell apart. The Syrians I know work hard to learn English and complete cultural orientation and love to laugh and make silly faces and joke with their friends. The Syrians I know crocheted me a scarf when I moved away and today it keeps me warm. The Syrians I know are amazing volunteers acknowledged in their communities for their tireless service to others.

Today I can’t stop thinking about these people I know. I’m worried about how afraid they must feel, how confused they must be, to find themselves suddenly being blamed for the violence they’ve left behind. I know without a doubt that my world is better because they’ve been given the opportunity to continue to live in it.

If you want to become involved with the refugee resettlement process in your own community — which is how I met all these wonderful families — you can learn more here. Or, if you want to learn more about how CWS is helping Syrian refugees in Europe and the U.S., please visit

I am hoping with all my heart that our nation does everything in its power to protect our commitment to give the opportunity to live out a life in peace and safety to the victims of the horrific violence these families faced. The Syrians I know are sweet innocent young children who want nothing more than to love and play and live in peace.

Sarah Ivory is the Regional Director for U.S. Programs at CWS.