Stories of Change

Nadezha and her nieces

Nadezha’s Hope for Peace

Like many Ukrainians, the Russian invasion came as a shock to Nadezha. What was even more surprising to her, however, was the immense empathy and solidarity the world showed to Ukrainians in their darkest moments.

Prior to the war, Nadezhda and her family lived a quiet life in Odessa. She looked after her young nieces while her husband worked for a delivery company. Unfortunately, their peace was soon disrupted by sirens and bombs that quickly took control of their lives.

To protect her little nieces and adult daughter, Nadezha fled to Moldova. All they brought were some backpacks with a few belongings since they assumed the war would be short-lived. Eventually, however, weeks turned into months and months into a year. “We stayed in Moldova longer than we expected and we were forced to start a life from scratch. We didn’t feel at all alone in the process and are grateful for everyone who helped us adjust,” said Nadezhda.

Although Nadezha feels safe in Moldova, she still worries about her loved ones who stayed behind in Ukraine, especially her husband. Despite the grief and yearning she feels for everything she’s left behind, Nazdezha has always been determined to give her nieces and daughter the best life possible in Moldova.

This past winter, temperatures dropped below zero and inflation, due to the war, had increased drastically. Nadezha and her family were able to receive warm winter clothes through CWS and vouchers for food and hygiene items which helped alleviate increasing financial burdens. She told us, “It’s encouraging to know that someone from across the ocean, whom I will never meet, cared about our well-being here. We truly appreciate all this help.” Thanks to the support they’ve received, Nadezha’s daughter has been able to save money to start a nail painting business. This has allowed her to make an additional income to support her family.

Despite an indefinite end to the war in Ukraine, Nadezha is hopeful that her young nieces will grow up in a peaceful world. She is thankful for the warmth and support she’s received, which has given her the strength to stay positive and continue holding onto hope.

When we asked for support for our Ukrainian neighbors, the CWS global community took action and helped make an impact on the lives of families like Nadezha’s. To continue supporting Ukrainians in Moldova, you can donate here.