CWS Condemns Trump’s Plans to Suspend Immigration to the U.S.

Christopher Plummer | April 21, 2020

Xenophobia must not dictate response to public health crisis

New York City–Church World Service today condemned remarks by President Trump demonizing immigrants in the time of COVID-19 and threatening to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States. CWS President and CEO Rev. John L McCullough issued the following statement:

While hundreds of people are dying each day in this country, President Trump continues to capitalize on fear and push his hardline anti-immigrant agenda. Immigrants create jobs, they don’t take them away. As entrepreneurs, as supply chain workers, as healthcare professionals in our hospitals and elder care facilities, immigrants are keeping our nation going during this crisis.

To let xenophobia dictate our response to this public health crisis is despicable. Much like with the pandemic, the president ignores the experts and follows the rantings of extremists. Our economy is made stronger by immigration and our recovery will depend on the growth and revitalization immigrants bring to our communities.

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