Churches Representing 30 Million Americans Unite to Launch National Refugee Campaign Combatting President Trump’s Anti-Migrant Policies

March 3, 2017

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NEW YORKChurch World Service and the National Council of Churches today unveiled a national grassroots initiative in support of refugees, led by churches representing 30 million Americans and 37 denominations. This announcement comes in advance of a new anti-refugee executive order anticipated soon, which by the Trump administration’s own admission will have the same effect as its earlier rendition—while avoiding court challenges the White House experienced the first time around.

“Through this Ecumenical Declaration, we pledge to Protect Welcome and Restore Hope by engaging our congregations and networks in safeguarding the refugee resettlement program and bringing a bold, prophetic voice to stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees,” reads the Ecumenical Declaration to Protect Welcome and Restore Hope. “We affirm our resolve to not rest until the United States fully lives up to its promise as the land of the free, until all refugees are welcome regardless of their nationality or religion, and until policies designed to sow fear and mistrust among our communities are rescinded. We will make this Ecumenical Declaration to the White House, U.S. Congress, and to all local congregations of participating members, and to communities across these United States and the globe.”

The declaration, both a symbolic ecumenical pledge and urgent call for national grassroots action, outlines 10 action items the signees of this effort will proceed with immediately to mobilize their congregations nationwide and rescind the anti-refugee policies enacted by the Trump administration. This includes:

  • Committing to raise $1 million over the next six months to help refugees already in the United States and those arriving;
  • Requesting to meet with President Trump;
  • Calling on members of Congress to do everything in their power to rescind the anti-refugee and anti-immigrant executive orders; as well as
  • Offering their congregations resources, encouragement and support to organize across the country.

CWS also released this action alert and church bulletin to immediately begin activating congregations at churches nationwide.

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Read, download, and share the full ecumenical declaration, using the hashtag #GreaterAs1.