Welcoming communities

Refugees flee their homes and countries amidst violence and persecution. They are looking for a safe place to begin a new life. CWS aims to provide the most vulnerable refugees with an opportunity to start again in the U.S. Those refugees who are still at risk in a camp, some having spent decades in extremely harsh conditions, are given an opportunity recapture their future. Through hard work and a long-term commitment of support, people who once had no hope are discovering the means of transforming their lives. CWS works hand-in-hand with caring churches, organizations and individuals to provide help and homes to refugees. We work to build a welcoming community in the U.S. for uprooted people so that they can fashion a better future.

Welcoming refugees

Our offices partner with local volunteers and congregations to make a refugee’s first steps in the U.S. successful.

Photo: Phillip Rincon/CWS

Our U.S. office network

Whether in the hills of North Carolina or the suburbs of Dallas, our offices are there to help refugees where they need it most.

Photo: Melissa Engle

Cuban & Haitian immigrants

From Miami, we help coordinate a nationwide program that works with recently arrived Cuban and Haitian refugees.

Photo: Luis Ortiz