Serving the vulnerable

We have a commitment at CWS to serve the most vulnerable in our world today. From its earliest beginnings, CWS focused on providing assistance and resettlement services to those displaced by violence and discrimination. Today, we use our expertise in refugee resettlement to assist thousands of refugees on the road to beginning a new life in the United States. We also serve refugees where they are, helping them find safety in both urban and camp locations around the world.

Refugee resettlement

CWS partners with the U.S. Department of State to operate a center in Nairobi, Kenya, that serves refugees hoping to start again in the U.S.

Photo: CWS

Urban refugees

Urban centers throughout the world are increasingly home to refugees, internally displaced persons and asylum seekers.

Photo: Graeme Rodgers

LGBTI protection

CWS works to create a safe space for LGBTI persons, providing resettlement for LGBTI refugees and protection to those still facing the fear of persecution.

Photo: Joel Cooper